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Week 1--The Introduction by the Professor

Each week consists of a lesson and an assignment. You should only do one lesson per week. I suggest that you read the lesson the first day, start the assignment the second day, read the lesson again on the third day, and then, for the rest of the week, continue with the assignment. The links are in red. So anytime, you see something in red, it is a link.

While this course refers to being rich many times, success is not measured by wealth. Jim Rohn says, "Success is having enough time and money to spoil your Grand Children." I believe that success is having enough time and money to do the things that you enjoy doing in life. Mother Teresa wasn't wealthy, but she was a tremendous success

Jim Rohn met his mentor, Mr. Schoaff, when he was 25. Mr. Schoaff helped Jim on his road to success. I didnít meet Jim Rohn until I was 41 and he changed my life. When I was 25, I was renting an apartment, was married, was broke, and couldnít pay my bills. I said to myself that I was better than this. I wanted to do more. At this time, I didnít know what to do. I had never had anyone who inspired me to become better. I didn't know anything about self-improvement.

I decided to read books. I started with "Think and Grow Rich" and "The Richest Man in Babylon". I also decided to go the college at night to get my degree. In the book, ďThink and Grow RichĒ, it says that the secret of being rich is in every chapter of the book and if you are ready for it that you will see it. I didnít see it. I didnít get it until I met Jim Rohn 16 years later. However, in the book, ďThe Richest Man in BabylonĒ, it said to save 10% of what you earn. I did do that.

That started me on the road to success, but it was Jim Rohn who really changed my life. Therefore, you will notice that Jim Rohn is quoted many times in this course and I recommend that you buy his books and tapes. I do make a commission on anything you buy from the Jim Rohn web site if you link from this site, but I would recommend his books and tapes without the commission.

Being successful is not easy. You must work at is consistently. The job is never done. Jim Rohn says. ďDonít be like most people. Rich is different. Iíve been poor and Iíve been rich. Rich is better!Ē

BE DIFFERENT!!! Start today!

The Assignment for the first week.

Start your journey to SUCCESS by listening to Jim Rohn speaking about his Challange to Succeed seminar.
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If you only listen to one seminar in your life, this is the one to hear. You can buy the Challange to Succeed seminar from here.

Next, view the new Jim Rohn Tribute Video click here.!

Get and read the book, "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill at the library or, preferably, buy it through our bookstore using Amazon or any bookstore. You will want to have this book in your library.

I have found all the books mentioned in this course in the Las Vegas Public Library except one. Please do not feel that you have to buy these books to take the course. We just suggest that you buy them for your library which will be discussed in Week 2. If you plan to buy the books from us or online, you will find a list of all the books in this course here so that if you want to save on shipping costs, you can order them all at once.

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