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Week --10 Little Things That Make a Difference

There are many things that are not immoral, illegal, or dangerous, but can still hinder your efforts to be successful. For example, let us consider bad or filthy language. If you are with a group of people who all use bad language, you will not offend anyone by using it. However, if you are in a group of people who do not use bad language, you may offend all of them.

Whenever you are in a group of people, why use bad language and risk offending someone especially if you are in a business meeting or group? Any time you offend part of your audience; you have reduced your chances for success or at least may have made it more difficult to succeed. Some other things to consider are smoking, drinking, loud offensive behavior, dress, and etc.

Why risk offending anyone when you don't have to offend them? Sure, you can do anything that you want if it is legal, but you have to realize that you may be making more difficult to be successful. You never know when a person that you have met may be a great help on your road to success.

When I was a salesman, I was always nice to the receiving clerk who would have to give me the OK to see the manager. Most of the salesman didn't like the receiving clerks and treated them badly. 10 years later, one receiving clerk was promoted to the head buyer of the chain. I was calling on the chain at the time and he remembered me. He would buy almost twice as much from me as any of my competitors. You never can tell who will be a great contact. Therefore, be considerate of others and treat everyone with respect.

The Assignment for the tenth week.

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You have completed Success 101 successfully. Continue to work on improving yourself and continue to learn. I would suggest that you add to your library Jim Rohn's Challange to Succeed seminar. I have put it on my iPod and have listened to it several times a year for over 20 years.

I wish you a successful and happy life!

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