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Week 3--Your most basic beliefs, concepts, principles and knowledge

Your most basic beliefs, concepts, principles and knowledge will effect your life. They will affect your decisions, actions, and ideas. If you believe that you are powerless to improve and decide to party, drink, and do drugs, that is a basic belief and that decision will affect your life. Another option would be to believe that you can be successful if you improve yourself and work hard. Two different beliefs and decisions. In 20 years, the first decision to party will probably lead to poverty and maybe even homelessness. The other may lead to a nice house, car, family, travel, fine dining, and a great life.

It seems that the easy way is actually the most difficult way in the long run. It is easy to watch TV and become a couch potato. It is more difficult to read a book or study. The easy decision leads to stagnation with NO improvement or advancement. The man has worked for 10 years at his job without trying to improve or learn more. He says I have 10 years experience, but he doesn't. He has 1 year experience repeated 10 times.

The man is working and he is thinking about his vacation, about a basketball game on TV, or going fishing this weekend. Then at home, he is thinking about a problem at work or his boss. What a waste. If you are at work, concentrate on work. Do the best that you can. Learn as much as you can. When you are at home, concentrate on being at home.

Since these beliefs and principles are so important in making decisions, you must be knowledgible about many things. Therefore, you must continually learn and get more knowledge. You can learn from experience (both your experiences and others experiences). You can learn from lectures, classes, or reading. Be sure to learn both sides of a topic so that you can make an informed decision about what you think is right. Start today to read books, go to lectures, and listen to tapes. Gather ideas, knowledge, and insight. Start a library.

Last week, I mentioned your library. You should start a library of good books immediately if you have not already started one. Your library should consist of books, tapes, compact disks, and your journals.

Make sure that you include books and tapes on a variety of subjects. You will want to have books on culture, spiritual subjects, the classics, self-improvement, finance, politics, investing, poetry, novels, and etc. Your library will become one of your most important assets.

In week one, we suggested a book to buy and read. Be sure to add this book and any other books or tapes that are recommended in this course to your library. Do not put your library away in storage. Get some shelves and put your books and tapes on the shelves so that you can refer to them easily. You should refer to them often. Jim Rohn says that he may not have read all the books in his library, but he feels smarter just looking at them.

To improve your life, you must improve YOU. If you work on improving yourself, your life will get better and better. You will be on the road to success. You must be disciplined and continue to learn and grow. Jim Rohn says, “In life, you must pay one of two prices: the price of discipline or the price on regret.” Don’t look back on your life with regret.

Books contain the experiences of others. They may have spent years experiencing and learning what they wrote in the book. You can learn it in a week or less. What a time saver! Wouldn’t it be better to read a book to learn about something in a week then to make all the mistakes and experience all hardships to learn it for yourself in several years?


The Assignment for the third week.

Start your library. Get some shelves. Build your library. Put all your books and tapes in your library. Start to read at least one book or listen to one tape a week. After a year, if you have read a book or listened to a tape every week, you will be 52 books or tapes ahead of someone who doesn’t read at all. Try to finish it this week.

Also, read the book, "The Richest Man in Babylon" by George S. Clason. You can get it at the library or, preferably, buy it from our bookstore or any bookstore. Try to finish it this week.

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