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Week 4--Your Attitude and Goals

Your attitude is like the rudder on a ship. The rudder steers the ship through the rough waters. If the rudder is set properly, the trip is successful. If the rudder is set incorrectly, it can be diaster. There are many attitudes. One person thinks the world is against them and that they are doomed to failure. Another thinks that if they can just get a lucky break, they will be successful. Others think that they will work as hard as they can at their job to be successful. A few think that they will work on improving themselves so that they can be successful. Different attitudes will bring different results.

You can design your life. Why drift though life like a leaf in the wind? Sure, things happen to you that you cannot control or may not deserve. That's life. However, you can decide how you are going to react to them and remain focused on where you want to go in life. You can take control of your life.

Don't make excuses for a bad performance. Check your knowledge and your attitude. Your attitude will affect your knowledge because if you think that you know everything or that you are doomed to failure, you will not do want is necessary to learn more. You will not attend the lectures, your will not listen to the tapes, and you will not read the books.

Jim Rohn says that your attitude determines how much of your ability that you will use and how well you will perform. Your performance determines your results which affects your attitude which determines your performance in a never ending circle. To change the direction of your life, you must break in that circle and change it. Some people recommend positive thinking, but it is hard to be positive when your results are so bad. Jim Rohn says to break into the circle between results and attitude with another variable. He recommends adding results borrowed from the future. These results are goals. Use goals to picture where you want to be and work toward them. Work on accomplishing them. Think about how it will feel when you accomplish them. Use them to change your attitude and this will change your results. Your life will change.

To make your goals work for you, you should decide what you really want to achieve it life. Make it reasonable, but make it something that you have to work to achieve. Don't make it too easy, but do not try for the impossible. Don't make a goal to grow to 9 foot tall when you are 40 years old and 6 foot tall. Make your goals measurable and put a time limit on them. For example, instead of saying I want to lose weight, say I want to lose 15 lbs. by the end of the year.

The Assignment for the fourth week.

Get your journal and work on your goals. Make a list of all the reasons that you are not successful. Then, look at the list. If you have that your father was an alcoholic, remember other people have had that same problem. If you listed your company as the reason that you are not successful. Are you the only person working for that company? Why haven't you got a different job? The real reason is YOU! You need to work on your self. You need to improve. Once you change your attitude and do what is necessary, your life will improve.

Now take the list of reasons that apply to you and start to work on improving yourself. If you listed lack of education, go to night school. If you listed that you spend money foolishly, start to save and invest.

Make goals for 5 areas of your life. Make personal goals about improving yourself. Make Physical goals about your body and health. Make spiritual goals about your beliefs. Make financial goals about your occupation, income, savings, and investments. Make family goals about your relationships.

Write down goals for 5 years from now. Then plan what it will take to achieve that goal. Then write down your goal for this year that will help you accomplish your 5 year goal. For example, I want to buy a house in 5 years. I will have to save $20000 for a down payment and earn $50000 a year to buy it. I will have to save $4000 a year for the down payment. I will also have to earn $10000 more a year. To earn $10000 more a year, I will need to get promoted. Therefore, I need to increase my sales by 10% this year, take a management course in night school, and start earlier and work later. My goal would be to save $4000 this year for the down payment and to start the management course. I will also work from 8am til 6 pm everyday. Be sure to write down 5 year goals and this year goals for each area of your life.

After you have written down your goals in your journal, review them every month. If you need to make revisions, make them. If you find that you need to work harder, start working harder. Do everything that you can to achieve your goals. Do not take them lightly. They will change your life. You can have the life your want. It is up to you.

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