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Week 6--Review Your Progress

Every once in a while, we have to check our philosophy and attitude to see how we are doing. We have to see if we are making progress.

If we are not making progress, we have to check our philosophy, our attitude, and our work ethic. See what you have accomplished today. Then see what you have accomplished for the week, the month, the quarter, and the year.

Ask yourself these questions. How many books have your read? How much money have you saved and invested? How many classes have your taken?

You have to make progress in reasonable time. Jim Rohn asks, “How many years should your child spend in the fourth grade?” If you check your child’s progress, you should also check on your progress.

Check on your progress toward your goals. If you have accomplished your goals, celebrate and then write down new goals. If you are behind on your goals, examine the reasons why. When you know the reasons why, you can work on eliminating them.

Remember, if you have neglected to exercise for a week, you cannot exercise for 7 hours to make it up. You have exercise every day. So don’t let things slide. Check your results.

If you have been working for 10 years and you are broke, you are working the wrong plan. It is time to change your plan or your philosophy. It is time to change your attitude. It is time to change your work ethic.

The Assignment for the sixth week.

Get your journal and evaluate your progress with this course. Are you reading the books? Are you seeing progress toward your goals? Has your philosophy improved? Do you have a good attitude? Are you doing all you can? Are you doing the best your can?

Write down in your journal how your are doing toward each of your goals.

Read the book, How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie. You can get it at most libraries or your can buy it for your library.

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