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Week --9 Lifestyle

Now is the time to consider lifestyle. You want to be successful. You are working on increasing your wealth and improving your health. However, what good is wealth and health if you don't enjoy them. You want to improve your lifestyle and how you enjoy life.

Jim Rohn tells the story about the time his lady friend and he were walking in Carmel shopping. He stopped at a florist and bought a rose and gave it to his lady friend. He asked' "How many ladies do you think were carrying a rose as they shopped". The answer is none. Do you think that his lady friend was impressed? Do you think that it made a difference?

When your child asks for something, don't question and lecture. The child asks for an ice cream as you are enjoying a walk on the beach. The father explains that he has already bought her lunch. Then, after complaining and lecturing, she looks at him with those puppy dog eyes and he buys her the ice cream. If you think that you will give it to your child, do it with style. Just give it to her without any complaints or lectures.

Once, I was taking my 5 year old granddaughter to the theater, we were at the concession counter. I told her that I would buy her one type of candy. She asked for 2 because she couldn't decide which one she wanted. Instead of arguing or telling her that she could only have one, I told her, "Ok, you can have both." She exclaimed with her eyes beaming, "You are the best grampies in the whole world." She has called me grampies since she was a baby. The lady at the counter commented on how happy I made my granddaughter.

Look at how you can do the little things that make life worthwhile. Create a lifestyle. Don't wait until Christmas Eve to buy your special someone a present. Take the time to consider what would they enjoy most. Maybe you will have to order it. Plan in advance.

You don't have to spend a lot of money to improve the style of your life. Maybe you surprise your special someone with a Sunday walk at the beach, a day window shopping at a nice shopping area, a picnic, or just a drive in the country. You plan on lunch and buy them a rose.

Little thoughtful acts can made a huge difference in the way you and your friends enjoy life. Work on making things special.

The Assignment for the ninth week.

Try to create an occasion out of an everyday event this week and continue every week. Finally try to make an everyday event a little more special every day. Create a better lifestyle and enjoy your life to the fullest.

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